Compex Therapy

Since I introduced the use of the Compex in my practice, the results and feedback have been literally “off the chart”


I am able to rehabilitate postoperatively quicker and safer than ever before, thereby reducing the costs and frustrations.


Our practice is viewed as a Compex Competence Centre, meaning that I we have ascribed to the higher standards expected by Compex Int. and the top flight athletes we treat.


The astounding results we have achieved with the non-sporting individuals of ALL ages are ground breaking.


    Champion athletes worldwide use Compex muscle stimulators to get the winner's advantage! Compex help athletes excel and achieve their dreams by enhancing athletic performance and physical fitness beyond what is achievable through conventional training alone..

    All Compex products have a foundation in medical technology and combine a Swiss/European heritage of design quality with the most recent advances in science and sports medicine. They are backed by solid clinical research and data, proving their effectiveness.

  • The medical research behind Compex technology.


    Over the past 20 years, Compex has developed into the leader in electrotherapy through extensive research and innovation. Compex’s flagship electro stimulation devices have become an essential ally to health care professionals and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widely known training technique, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, and injury prevention.


    Compex enables you to achieve enhanced muscle performance. With Compex you can…


    • Strengthen muscles pre-operatively. This results in a speedier recovery.
    • Build muscle strength and size
    • Improve power
    • Increase endurance
    • Optimize muscle recovery
    • Get the ultimate muscle warm up

    Rehabilitation, pain relief, recovery, muscular reinforcement, physical beauty...whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend-warrior, Compex electro stimulation devices enable you to achieve, and perhaps exceed your training objectives.

  • Electro stimulation is not a miraculous technique, it respects how your body works.

    The principle of electro stimulation is very simple and precisely reproduces the processes that occur when our brain orders muscles to contract. When we decide to contract a muscle, our brain sends a signal in the form of an electric current that travels at high speed along the nerve fibers up to the muscle which reacts by contracting.

    In the case of electro stimulation, excitation occurs directly on the motor nerve using electrical pulses perfectly controlled to guarantee effectiveness, safety and comfort in use.


    In fact, muscles cannot tell the difference between a voluntary contraction (triggered by the brain) and an electrically induced contraction: the work done is exactly the same. It's natural