Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

What is Pre-Operative Rehabilitation?

Strengthening and general conditioning prior to your surgery may be requested by your physician.  Studies show that pre-operative rehabilitation can reduce post-surgical recovery time and improve your surgical outcome.  Conditioning can help reduced the deterioration that occurs naturally after an injury.


What is included in a Pre-Operative program?

Your Biokineticist will develop an individualized strengthening and conditioning program for you based on your injury and surgical date. Therapy will help to reduce swelling, decrease pain and help you to strengthen muscles prior to your surgery.


“Exercising before surgery can get the body into shape and help recovery after an operation.  Stronger surrounding muscles will support injured and post surgical structures better then weaker ones.”  Reuters Health


Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Following surgery, it is normal for the affected area to be painful, swollen, stiff and weak.

Biokinetics will accelerate your recovery and reduce your pain levels quicker, aiming to return you to your previous levels of fitness. Post operative rehabilitation can optimize your muscle function, movement control, strength, range of movement and fitness that will speed up and recovery from surgery so you can make the best possible recovery.

Our Specialized training allows for safe and effective strength, mobility and functional retraining following surgery. We continue to have a close relationship with many surgeons in the province, regularly communicating and working closely with all of them to provide the best rehab possible.