Back Clinic

More than 70% of back ailments start during routine functional activities.It is alarming to see how many people today, both young and older have appalling postures. It is almost unacceptable to notice the volume of complaints that are related to poor posture. Using laptops, tablets, smart phones, driving a vehicle, playing video games on the couch and countless other technological advances all contribute to poor posture.
Poor posture causes and contributes to serious health problems ranging from headaches, neck pain, back and shoulder pain, even stress, mood disorders, and infections.

This presents a double edged sword of good and bad news. BAD news is that we cannot escape life. GOOD news is these Postural problems can be fixed and thereby reducing or eliminating these and other health conditions.

The assessment process entails the following:

  • a Grid Photo assessment
  • computerised posture angles and deviations
  • biomechanical assessment
  • environmental assessment
  • Movement assessment related to the individuals specific requirements
  • Planed corrective and rehabilitative process

Results Motivate!

The Clinic is Outcome-Based focused, which means your treatment is based on achieving specific and measurable results. We work together to identify the cause of your poor posture, back pain, neck pain, headaches foot pain, leg pain or any other problem.