• Hi Dan

    I can't thank you enough for seeing me on Friday last week and for helping me tremendously! I am convinced that had I not seen you I wouldn't have completed the Argus (on Sunday)!

    With regards to further treatment, I would like to see you again and would be prepared to make a trip to Cape Town at various times for this.  Please could you advise what could/would work in this regard? Not sure how long you wait before seeing a client again etc?

    I would also like to know if there is anyone you do know of in Johannesburg that has similar training as you and who could work on me as you did on Friday etc? In this regard, could you perhaps do a letter as suggested and note what you found and what you did to treat me, as I am sure this would also help the process along!



  • Hello Dan

    As you are aware I have suffered from pain in my ankles for many years.


    Now and after  only  my third treatment with you the pain has virtually disappeared and I want to express my sincerest gratitude to you for this.


    I will continue with the exercises’ you gave me to do and hope that the pain stays away.


    My only regret is that I never came to you for treatment years ago so that I would not have had to suffer so much.


    I will most certainly recommend you to anyone I know who has problems.

    Friendly Greetings,

    Tony .

  • Hi Adriana

    Hope you’re well.

    See below – my own, phenomenal Biokineticist from Somerset West, Cape Town (Dan Grobler)
    will be opening a practice in the UK, close to your neck of the woods.


    I thought you might be interested … not only for your own needs, but given your sporty family and friends, I thought they may be interested in someone who gets great results (and is an outstanding human also).

    Prof. Kurt April, PhD FRSA
    Professor of Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion
    Graduate School of Business (GSB)
    University of Cape Town

  • Dear Dan


    last week we returned after our three weeks stay in sommerset west to Oelde and we had again a good time in South Africa.

    I thank you very much for your good help and continue the treatment in order to get soon recovered.

    With best personal regards yours sincerely

    Senator e.h. Wolfgang

  • Dear Dan

    Just a quick thank you for the help you have given me with my back problem.

    It is unbelievable how much everything has changed in a week.

    I feel like a new person.

    Now please fix my golf swing !!!!


  • "Dan is the smartest, most creative rehabilitation therapist I have ever worked with.


    I am an elderly woman with severe arthritis in my shoulders -- a condition deemed irremediable by two Orthopaedic Surgeons and several other rehabilitation professionals.


    Dan created a flexible series of graded exercises that in four months returned one arm and shoulder to normal strength and markedly reduced pain and increased strength in the other arm and shoulder.


    Dan's explanations and instructions were clear -- as was his expectation that I would work as hard as he worked.


    The results were definitely worth the effort."

  • “I have to say that one of the greatest things I learned from you was that when my body is hurting, I don't have to run straight to a practitioner of any sort.


    I can take a moment and think about what/how I've been doing things and evaluate where the pain might be coming from.


    Stretch or strengthen accordingly and..... shocker! I'm OK :)  More than ok!


    I've been telling EVERYONE about you.


    You taught me so much and I was SO appreciative that you could share out of your personal experience with a special needs son.


    I felt like you knew where I was coming from, but wouldn't let me have a pity party for myself.


    I think you were an answered prayer in that a part of my emotions (from pity partying-special needs mommy....) got healed along with my physical body.


    It's been great!


    If I ever have a 'flare' up I re-evaluate and usually realize I haven't been doing the program. I do my stretches and I'm back to 100%. And I'm so thankful.”


    Amanda  (London)

  • After many weeks of debilitating pain and numbness in my right shoulder, arm, and hand, I was persuaded by my husband and friends to seek help from Dan Grobler.


    To my great surprise, he quickly diagnosed the source of the problem as my neck, with a major cause being years of poor posture and general weakness that had set me up for injury.


    Dan's good care has enabled me to correct my posture, learn how to resolve pain before it becomes troublesome, and to become strong enough to do the things I need and want to do in my daily life.


    I am thriving physically for the first time in years! And a huge bonus is that with Dan's encouragement and guidance, I have started running, which I find an absolute joy! I've run a couple of 5K races so far and am planning to run my first 10K race in a month


    Katrina (UK)

  • Hi To Sports Foundation Executive!!

    Keep up with the good work you make us as coaches very proud in The Helderberg region the others that are still not part of us will have to get on board; cause this is the way to go and Dan Grobler showed me once again you never too old to learn, I always thought that what I learned about strapping in the old Krygor Era was the ultimate...but you that era is long gone....Dan Grobler is a guineas

    Thank you once again for everyone that made this course possible I believe Dan will hear from my club
    Denzil Mark Davids (Coach @ ALL SAINTS RFC SOM/WEST)

    Kind regards,